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Product: "Sakura" Bag (SOLD)
Description: Sorry. This one-of-a-kind bag has been purchased.

Sakura, the Japanese word for "Cherry Blossom" is a symbol of peace and friendship. "Sa" means god of the paddies and "Kura" means the place of the God. "SAKURA" is a place where the god of the paddies is present. From ancient times, people have gathered under blossoming cherry trees to celebrate spring and life.

This bag is all-natural jute. I have painted cherry blossoms on the front, along with the kanji symbol for sakura. This bag measures approx. 14"x11" with a WIDE 8" base, very roomy! Perfect for trips to the beach, or as a craft/knitting bag! The handles are wooden, and reminiscent of the famous pagodas in Japan.

The trim around the bag has been adorned with a pretty cherry and leaf motif. The special fabric paint has been "set" and will not run or smudge.


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Price: $35.00

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