AnaYoga and the Environment

My number one concern is to create quality products with as little negative impact to the environment as possible. Here are some ways I have committed to this goal.

Hemp and unbleached cotton fabrics are my materials of choice in creating my products. Click here to learn more about hemp’s wonderful properties.

Little or no material is wasted. For this reason, products may vary slightly in size. The sizes quoted are minimum dimensions.

I avoid paper transactions whenever possible. E-mail and online ordering is encouraged. “Hard-copy” or paper receipts are given with orders only on request. When paper is used, those containing recycled fibres are favoured, despite their higher cost to purchase.

Bulk orders are encouraged through price incentives to cut down on resources used for production, packaging and delivery to the customer.

To protect my products during shipping, a lot of packaging is often necessary. I encourage recycling and re-use, and provide self-addressed, postage-paid envelopes for the return of certain packaging materials. I then re-use these materials for subsequent orders.

I am continually researching and evaluating my processes for more environmentally-friendly solutions. Have any suggestions? Let me know!

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