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Welcome to AnaYoga and thank you for visiting.  Please take a moment to check out all that AnaYoga has to offer.  Whether you are an experienced yoga enthusiast searching for that perfect yoga bag to fit all your gear, or a curious shopper looking for something a little different, AnaYoga has wonderful, handmade items for everyone.  From yoga accessories to non-yoga items such as totes, jewelry and gifts.  You'll be pleased with the quality and beautiful designs, and you'll also feel good about making a purchase from someone who respects the environment every step of the way.  So relax, take a little time out of your busy day, and enjoy what AnaYoga has to offer.


Yoga Mat Bags (4 items) *** Sorry! We are currently sold out. Custom orders welcome! Click here to order. ***
Beautiful handmade bags in a variety of high-quality fabrics. Each bag is unique!
Other Yoga Accessories (8 items)One-of-a-Kind AnaYoga strap, blocks, meditation and relaxation supplies.
Jewelry (12 items)Unique handcrafted necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more.
Totes & Bags (10 items)Browse through a beautiful selection of totes, messenger bags, diaper bags and backpacks. One-of-a-kind bags for you or that special someone!
Gift Bags (4 items)The next time you give someone a gift, give a gift to the environment as well with these reusable cloth gift bags. A variety of sizes and fabrics are available. Those shown here are just a sampling! All prices include shipping to the US/Canada.
Gift Certificates! (1 items)The perfect gift! Gift certificates are available in any amount you wish to give.
Custom Gift Baskets (1 items)Can't decide on the perfect gift? How about a little of everything! Great prices for exquisite custom-made baskets.
Custom Orders (1 items)Can't find what you're looking for? Consider customizing your order!
Fabric Selection (24 items)Here is a current sampling of fabrics and trims available for custom orders. Please note: In order to continue making one-of-a-kind items, I purchase a wide variety of fabric in small quantities. All fabrics shown here are available in *limited* amounts only. Can't decide which fabric you'd like? I would be happy to suggest fabrics for a given project, just ask!
Gallery (32 items)Sit back and take a few minutes to browse through a selection of AnaYoga Originals and custom creations which I have handcrafted for clients in the past. Everything you see here is happily residing with a new owner and is no longer available for purchase. You can place your custom order by using the "Contact Me" link at the top of the page.
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