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Sit back and take a few minutes to browse through a selection of AnaYoga Originals and custom creations which I have handcrafted for clients in the past. Everything you see here is happily residing with a new owner and is no longer available for purchase. You can place your custom order by using the "Contact Me" link at the top of the page.

The Instructor's Tote$0.00
"Tropical Breeze"$0.00
"Sunrise Sunset"$0.00
Indigo Paisley$0.00
"Showers of Flowers"$0.00
Hemp and Paisley$0.00
"Golden Leaves"$0.00
Batik Yoga Bag$0.00
"Crimson Leaves"$0.00
"Daisy" Tote Bag$0.00
"Blue Orient"$0.00
"Silver Belle" Tote$0.00
Sling Bag$0.00
Messenger Bag$0.00
Messenger Bag$0.00
Messenger Bag$0.00
Hemp Purse$0.00
"Libra" Necklace$0.00
"Golden Locket" Necklace$0.00
Faux Suede Messenger Bag$0.00
"Elle" Purse$0.00
"Rose Quartz" Set$0.00
"Geisha" Tote$0.00
"Fire" Kanji$0.00
"Harvest" Set$0.00
"Amber Sunset"$0.00
"Om Land"$0.00
"Phoenix Sun"$0.00
Turquoise Necklace$0.00
"Honey" Beads$0.00
"Dragon, the Protector"$0.00
Custom Backpack$0.00

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