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Product: Wooden Yoga Blocks
Description: Sorry, these yoga blocks are currently out of stock. New, improved blocks will soon be available! Join the mailing list here to be notified of product updates!

These solid wood blocks are made of cedar, a very strong and lightweight material. The wood for these blocks have been harvested from ecologically intact forests (NO CLEARCUTTING!). Furthermore, these blocks have NOT been chemically treated. They have been hand-sanded for a smooth finish.

Because these blocks have not been treated with chemicals or paint, the following care is recommended: *Store away from direct sunlight *Avoid exposure to drastic changes in humidity *Minor "imperfections" such as knots are a beautiful and natural characteristic of wood. Such knots may be present in the finish of your block so as not to waste any part of the tree. Standard size available: 3x6x9". Custom sizes can also be ordered. $15 each or $28 a pair. Shipping extra.

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Price: $15.00

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