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Product: "Green Tea" necklace
Description: Take a sip of green tea, and your tastebuds immediately respond to the unique fragrant flavour. As you cradle the cup of tea in your hands and let the warmth take over, you are left with a feeling of health and vitality.

That is the feeling I was trying to capture when I created this necklace. Each bead was hand chosen and carefully placed in a specific sequence to create a beautiful and unique necklace. The large bead at the centre is smooth to the touch, just as the perfect cup of tea is soothing to the soul.

Handcrafted using high quality beads on a strong wire, securely attached to a lobster clasp and loop. The necklace, measured from end-to-end is approximately 17.5" long, with a 2" extension chain to let you choose the length.

Shipping to Canada/continental USA included in price. Will ship worldwide!

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Price: $18.00

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